About Us

“Bringing the subtle sublimity within all nature into a cosmopolitan consciousness through couture”

biophilia; the love of nature unexploited is the love of the human body unbound

Beauty is what we have had in front of us since the beginning of time. It is what the planet has provided us with,” - Szynkarsky quoted in SCHON! Magazine, 2018.

Gabrielle Szynkarsky, the creator behind all BRIELLE designs and poetry, came to the world of fashion and couture as a young woman raised in the tough realities and working expectations of the industry. Her promising career as a competitive alpine ski racer came to an end on the brink of her adulthood, when she steered skillfully into the artistic and entrepreneurial demands of fashion design and haute couture. Drawing on seasonal ephemera, biodiversity and extremes of all climes, Szynkarsky’s designs are mediated through images, the immersion of travel, and through her own poetic expression and composed prose. 

Szynkarsky founded BRIELLE in 2018 with a dual sensibility for an aesthetic in one hand and a sustainable approach in the other. Based in Montreal, BRIELLE collection items have appeared in magazines and museums, and they are as editorial as they are ecological. The collections take inspiration from nature; sometimes directly by incorporating raw organic materials into the designs, and other times more indirectly with earth tones and textures drawing on the material culture of art history such as the Medieval, Baroque, and Rococo movements which found divine inspiration in virgin landscapes, and earthly delights in gardens.

Designed and rendered sustainably and humanely, BRIELLE is expanding the horizons of presence on the planet while never failing to recommit to the needs of that planet. The collections are all variously inspired by the natural wonders of the world, mapped upon the human frame, in homage to the Anthropocene.   

Words by Darragh Kilkenny-Mondoux