Treasure Box

One shall not be found until they are lost.
One may follow the glitter that shines in the clear path ahead.
But the one who pursues the trails of the unknown
may blossom into the collision of their past,present and future.
And sail in the glistening crystal waters.

Hands gripping with anchors of false gold,
Bleeding with faith from one’s own self-contentment.
Holding onto the recognizable truths until one day
The reflections break down into shards of glass.

Thy inner fears burst through the walls of reality.

For we each have our very own treasure box,
And no one shall discover the same one.

By Gabrielle Szynkarsky


Produced by BRIELLE

Written by Gabrielle Szynkarsky

Directed by Gerardo Alcaine

Makeup and hair by Vanessa Yang


Una Piercy

Elodie Birs