Haute Couture 


 Why do we distance ourselves from what the world has given us?

 Why do we escape from the true beauty of our world?

 Why do we create a disconnect between our human bodies and nature? When it is the opposite of what we should be doing.

 Humans enjoy the company of other living beings, but yet we push them away?

 We are so fascinated when seeing nature at its fullest, but how are we able to look away so quickly?

 We say it is unhealthy to be far from nature, yet we have continued to create concrete walls that block the organic

 connection that our body’s, minds and souls demand. Why don’t we try harder to break through these barriers?

Our human bodies were put on this earth to interact and be one with Nature. Why are we escaping Biophilia?


By Gabrielle Szynkarsky

Published online at Schön Magazine  

Photography by Gerardo Alcaine
Model: Fatima Thioye Agency: Folio Agency
Makeup by Hayley Godin
Digital retouching by Yuna Kersalé